Your transmission is a vital part of your car. It helps everything run smoothly and ensures your automatic transmission can easily glide from one gear to another. When these go bad, many people consider a transmission rebuild, but these are costly. According to Kelley Blue Book, these rebuilds can cost $4,500-$6,000, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Here are a few ways to avoid them.

1. Transmission Flush

Most people ignore the fact their vehicle needs a transmission flush. However, this is an essential part of maintenance. As your car runs, transmission fluid cycles throughout the engine. It picks up small pieces of dirt along the way. As time goes on, the fluid continues to get dirty. A thorough flush will flush all the dirt out of the system and ensure clean transmission fluid.

2. Regular Maintenance

There are other parts of regular maintenance that you must head to a shop for. The transmission filter helps filter out dirt and eventually needs to be changed. Your transmission fluid needs to be changed at regular intervals as well. While performing maintenance, a technician will keep an eye out for potential problems. Head to a local shop that specializes in transmissions for regular maintenance to avoid a transmission rebuild.

3. No Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving might help you reach your destination faster, but it’s horrible for your car. Fast accelerations make your transmission switch gears more quickly, putting unnecessary strain on your transmission. The same thing applies when your vehicle has to downshift because you slam on the brakes automatically. Instead, drive carefully and avoid aggressive behaviors.

4. Immediate Repairs

Vehicle owners who notice a problem with their transmission should contact a mechanic immediately. A humming or whining noise indicates you’re low on transmission fluid and may have a leak. Grinding when shifting between gears signals there’s a problem with specific components. This may mean your clutch is going out if you have a manual transmission. Get your car repaired immediately to prevent the problem from getting worse.

We understand that a transmission rebuild can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why we’ll help you prevent it from happening in the first place. Contact us today at Dusty’s Transmissions to schedule your regular maintenance.