Most passenger vehicles have automatic transmissions that enable them to accelerate quickly while delivering relatively good fuel economy. However, transmissions are important mechanical systems that can be costly to fix. According to Insurance Panda, the cost to repair or replace a defective transmission is between $1,000 and $3,400, on average. The sooner you initiate a transmission repair, the lower the cost should be to fix it. Here are four signs that commonly indicate a transmission needs to be repaired.

1. The Engine Revs and Briefly Loses Power

A slipping transmission is often the first sign that it’s time to engage a repair service. The gears inside wear down over time until they no longer make consistent contact, which causes one or more gears to slip and the transmission to stop sending power to the drivetrain. When that happens, you will notice the engine revving while the vehicle loses its power. The problem often happens only for a few seconds but will worsen if you ignore it.

2. There’s Red Fluid Pooling Beneath Your Vehicle

Transmission fluid is necessary to lubricate the internal gears and other parts as well as reduce friction and heat. The transmission has seals and gaskets that will wear out over time, which enables the fluid to leak and possibly pool beneath the vehicle where it connects to the engine and drivetrain. Any signs of a fluid leak strongly indicate that it’s time to fix the part before it gets worse and costs much more to repair or replace.

3. There’s a Burning Smell After Driving in City Traffic

The more the transmission has to shift, the hotter it can get while you are driving. City traffic and hot summer days are especially troublesome for transmissions that are nearing the end of their service lives. You might notice a smell similar to burning oil after you drive for an extended period. Oftentimes, that is the smell of fluid overheating inside the transmission.

4. The Transmission Won’t Shift Correctly

When a transmission is in bad condition, it won’t shift gears properly. Instead, it will remain stuck in one gear or refuse to shift. When that happens, it’s usually time for a new or rebuilt transmission. A local shop can diagnose the problem and determine the best way to fix it.

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