Are you working with a mechanic who mentioned transmission seals and you aren’t sure what they mean? It’s critical to know more about these seals because, according to Toyota, over 90% of American drivers have vehicles with automatic transmissions. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, it’s critical to know these facts about your transmission seal.

1. What Is a Transmission Seal?

A transmission or shaft seal is a mechanical item applied between the driveshaft and the transmission or between the engines and the transmission. It’s typically made with durable rubber or neoprene and can withstand various pressure and heat issues. Though they naturally wear out over time, they’re an excellent and important part of your engine’s overall operation.

2. How Do They Help You?

All vehicles have a transmission seal that helps to protect your vehicle’s transmission from various problems. It produces an airtight barrier that stops wear and tear between these parts. Even better, it can reduce noise and vibration within the vehicle’s engine as it operates. In this way, you can get the fantastic support that you deserve and avoid operational issues with your vehicle.

3. Are There Benefits to Transmission Seals?

A transmission seal can help extend your engine’s life by avoiding excessive fluid or particle buildup. It also helps to keep your transmission fluid levels high and minimizes potential waste. That’s a huge benefit if you’re tired of a malfunctioning transmission and want to ensure that yours is as strong as possible with minimal potential operational issues affecting your vehicle.

4. Can You Prevent Leaks?

When your transmission seal leaks, it’s important to take several steps with a skilled professional. A repair team will replace the damaged seal, clean and lubricate the new one, tighten the bolts and fasteners, and add an extra sealant. This step helps to improve your transmission operation and minimizes potential leaks and other damage issues that may impact your vehicle.

By taking care of your transmission seals and understanding their operation, it should be easier for you to get the support that you need. If you’re not sure if your car’s seal is malfunctioning and you want to get help from a team you can trust, contact us today at Dusty’s Transmissions to learn more. We’ll sit down with you, help you better understand your options, and provide hands-on service that makes sense for you.