Your car has been running awkwardly lately, and you’re not sure if you need transmission replacement work. That’s an understandable situation, which is why it’s important to know a few warning signs that might indicate a serious issue. Let’s take a look at several of those, as well as learn a few important facts about transmissions that might make your repairs easier.

Manual Transmission Struggles

According to Toyota, manual transmissions are the oldest types on the market and often experience problems like trouble shifting and burning smells. These aren’t necessarily indicative of just manual problems, either. As a result, it’s critical to look for other symptoms that might impact you.

Low Transmission Fluid

Does your vehicle keep running low on transmission fluid or have odd levels? There’s a real danger that your transmission is leaking or using too much fluid. Whether you replace your transmission or simply update it will vary depending on your specific needs.

Odd Smells

When your transmission starts creating some very unpleasant odors, there’s a chance that it’s burning up. That might require a little lubrication, transmission fluid, or even complete replacement. It all depends on the scope of the problem and the impact it has on your vehicle.

Loud Grinding Noises

Most people end up getting transmission replacement work when they notice loud and ugly noises while driving or shifting. These noises can make your car shake and cause other issues. Thankfully, fixing your transmission can reduce this danger and ensure things go smoothly for you.

Sluggish Performance

Is your car operating poorly, and you can’t figure out what’s wrong? Sluggish performances likely tie into transmission issues and need to be assessed and managed quickly. Thankfully, a transmission repair team can help with this process and keep you safe.

Slipping Gears and Surging

Is your vehicle slipping gears or surging unnecessarily whenever you drive? That’s likely due to severe transmission problems impacting your vehicle’s operation. As a result, you’ll probably need to get your transmission replaced to keep your car running effectively.

These symptoms all indicate that you need transmission replacement work or repairs that can keep your vehicle running smoothly. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Dusty’s Transmissions if you think you need this service. Our team will sit down with you and make sure that you get the support you need for your car.