Today, most modern vehicles have a closed transmission system. This requires a mechanic to complete a flush when changing the fluid. Having these completed yearly is also a great idea to help your vehicle last longer. This article will review everything you need about a transmission flush.

Every type of transmission has transmission fluid. According to Toyota, the oldest type of transmission is a manual transmission. Some systems require gear oil, but most modern ones need transmission fluid made explicitly for them. Over time, this fluid can get dirty. This makes new fluid necessary.

The Initial Inspection

A mechanic will first do an initial inspection. They’ll check your transmission fluid to determine what condition it’s in. This is also a great way to determine if the car has other problems, like oil mixing with transmission fluid. A technician will carefully examine the system to determine if there are other problems.

The Removal of Fluid

The first thing a technician does during a flush is remove any old fluid. Usually, the car is placed on a lift to make it easier to access the liquid. Then, a hose is connected to your transmission system. The technicians turn on the car, and the transmission fluid goes out of the hose instead of continuously cycling around your engine.

The Cleaning

After removing the fluid, technicians use a special cleaner and equipment to flush out the transmission. This is necessary to remove any dirt and debris left in the system. If they don’t, excess dirt can contaminate your new transmission. That’s why most shops recommend this annually.

The Addition of New Fluid

After flushing the system, technicians will fill your car with new transmission fluid. They’ll use the recommended fluid for your specific vehicle. Your technician will also take the time to double-check the system after filling it up with transmission fluid. This ensures that your car is in good working condition.

The Benefits of a Flush

There are several benefits to having a transmission flush done. This job helps increase the longevity of your system. You’ll enjoy your car having better performance, needing fewer transmission repairs, and owning a vehicle you can count on. How often you need a transmission flush depends on your car.

You can find recommendations from the manufacturer in the manual for your car. Our experienced technicians can also help you determine an appropriate schedule. Contact us today at Dusty’s Transmissions to schedule an appointment.