Transmission issues can be troublesome to deal with when you’re on the road. They can adversely affect vehicle performance and cause gear issues while you’re in motion. Regularly taking your vehicle to the auto repair shop to get transmission work done is a must for any car owner. What can you expect from that aspect of vehicle care? Learn more about the different aspects of transmission maintenance by continuing with the rest of this article.

How Often Does Your Transmission Require Maintenance?

One key aspect of maintaining vehicle transmission is getting professional service at the right time. Exactly how often you’ll need routine service will depend largely on the type of transmission your vehicle has. According to our team of experts, vehicles that rely on manual transmission should go in for maintenance every two to three years. Meanwhile, you may be able to wait at least four years before taking your automatic vehicle in for professional maintenance.

Of course, those are still general estimates for your maintenance requirements. There’s always a chance that your car will require maintenance sooner than the timelines mentioned in the previous paragraph. Watch out for the symptoms of transmission issues to prevent more serious problems.

What Are the Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Maintenance?

We already touched on some of the signs that your car needs transmission-related work in the introduction. However, those are not the only warning signs that may emerge. Your car may also produce unusual sounds and smells related to transmission issues. Those same issues may also cause your vehicle to shake whenever you’re shifting gears.

Red fluid leaking from your car is another telltale sign that something’s wrong with your transmission. The check engine light turning on is another warning sign you shouldn’t ignore. Take heed of all those warnings and respond appropriately by taking your vehicle to the repair shop.

Maintaining your transmission is an essential part of car care. You never want to be too late requesting professional maintenance because that can lead to serious issues popping up at an inopportune time. Visit Dusty’s Transmissions today and let us provide the professional maintenance your transmission needs. We look forward to speaking with you and learning how our services can match all of your auto needs!