The transmission is critically important for ensuring your vehicle will move, accelerate, and maintain speed. Like all mechanical systems on vehicles, the transmission requires maintenance and occasional repairs to stay in good condition. They eventually need to be rebuilt or replaced when the gears and other parts are badly worn. According to Kelly Blue Book, a transmission rebuild service costs between $4,500 and $6,000. In the long run, this service may save you a lot more on other costs. If your vehicle’s transmission is slipping or no longer working, here are four reasons your vehicle could benefit from rebuilding it.

1. Better Power Delivery

A transmission enables smooth shifting and efficient power delivery to the drive wheels. When the gears become worn, the transmission can slip in and out of gear. Shifting is inefficient, and you might notice a temporary loss of power while the engine starts to rev as the transmission slips out of gear while you are trying to accelerate or maintain speed. A transmission rebuild restores proper shifting and ensures good power delivery.

2. Improved Fuel Economy

When your car’s transmission is slipping or otherwise not delivering full power to the drive wheels, the engine has to work harder. The harder the engine works, the more fuel it consumes. You’ll notice a loss of fuel economy when the transmission needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Fixing the problem will restore your vehicle’s fuel economy and lower your cost of daily driving.

3. Longer Transmission Service Life

Rebuilding the transmission is like putting a new transmission in your vehicle. The technicians who remove the worn transmission replace the bad parts and install new gaskets and seals. Then they top it off with new transmission fluid and test the unit. When it shifts properly and maintains power while at speed, your vehicle has a like-new transmission. Many transmission rebuild services include warranty protection for a year or so while enabling the transmission to enjoy the start of a new and very long service life.

4. More Reliable Vehicle

A newly rebuilt transmission makes your vehicle much more reliable. When a transmission starts to slip or otherwise fail, it could stop working at any time. When it does, your vehicle won’t go anywhere without towing it. Rebuilding the transmission makes it much more reliable so you don’t have to replace it or buy a new vehicle.

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