Why Your Transmission May Need Repairs

How Do I Know My Transmission Needs Repair?

As a driver, you understand that a well-functioning vehicle is critical to your safety and that of others on the road. Understanding the signs of a faulty transmission will help you maintain your car and prevent current vehicle issues from worsening. Here are a few signs that your transmission may need repair work.

  • Fluid Leak – Fluid leaking from the bottom of your vehicle is a sign that there is a critical issue with the transmission seals or gaskets. Leaving this unresolved could leak to difficulty shifting gears or even total transmission failure.
  • A Burning Smell – Overheating or low fluid levels can cause your transmission to create a burning smell. Don’t hesitate to have your car inspected if you notice this crucial sign.
  • Odd Noises – If you hear strange buzzing, whining, or grinding noises when you shift gears, this could indicate that your transmission is overworking itself.

What Should I Expect From a Repaired Transmission?

Having this vital vehicle component repaired by a team of experts will improve the car’s gear functionality, save money that would be spent on extensive repairs, and reduce general auto wear and tear. If you’re looking for reliable transmission repair in Grants Pass, OR or a surrounding area, turn to Dusty’s Transmissions! We’re proud to provide specialized transmission services Medford, Oregon and neighboring areas depend on.

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Dusty’s Transmissions diagnoses transmission issues using the latest electronic equipment so that your car’s needs are quickly and expertly attended to. Our repair shop prioritizes integrity, good value, and quality work.

Is your vehicle in need of transmission repair in Grants Pass, OR or a surrounding area? If so, turn to the maintenance experts at Dusty’s Transmissions for transmission repair services Medford, Oregon and neighboring areas rely on! Reach out to us over the phone or visit our shop to learn how we can help you.