Is your vehicle’s transmission not running as smoothly as it used to? Some telltale signs indicate it’s time to get your transmission flushed by one of the automatic transmission shops in your area. Keep an eye out for these six cues so you can keep your transmission in excellent shape.

1. The Transmission Is Slipping

One of the most obvious indicators you need a flush is if you notice the transmission slipping gears when accelerating. You may feel it abruptly change gears with a clunk. Transmission fluid breaks down over time and can’t lubricate components, leading to slippage. A flush removes old fluid.

2. Shifting Feels Delayed

Does it take longer for your transmission to shift up or down when you accelerate or brake? Delayed gear changes are also symptomatic of worn fluid that needs replacing. The gritty old fluid can’t transfer power effectively. A fluid flush cleans out contaminants so shifts become quick again.

3. Unusual Noises When Shifting

Listen for any new grinding, whining, or humming noises coming from the transmission as you drive, especially when shifting. This often stems from low fluid levels allowing metal parts to rub together. Replenishing fresh, clean fluid during a flush quiets abnormal noises.

4. Check Engine Light Comes On

Pay attention if your check engine light illuminates. Your car’s computer may be detecting issues with transmission components and fluid. Scan for any transmission-related trouble codes. A flush can often resolve these problems and turn the warning light off.

5. Burning Smell From Transmission

A burning odor emanating from your transmission is cause for immediate concern. Low fluid levels can allow components to overheat and smell burnt. Flushing the old fluid and refilling it to the proper level will dissipate any scorching smells coming from the transmission.

6. Your Mileage Is Rising

As a general guideline, according to Transmission Repair Cost Guide, a transmission has oil and a filter needs to be changed every 18 months. However, if you drive extensively and put a lot of mileage on your vehicle, you may need this professional service more frequently. Mileage intervals between fluid changes will vary based on your car and driving habits.

Don’t ignore these signs that your transmission needs service. Prevent serious damage and hefty repairs by having automatic transmission shops flush the system when recommended. With fresh fluid, your transmission will shift like new again. Contact Dusty’s Transmissions today to schedule an appointment!