Planning a big family vacation is always a lot of work especially if you plan on driving. You’ll put a lot of miles on your vehicle, and you need to consider things like a repaired transmission to ensure you’re safe. Otherwise, you might break down and ruin your trip. Let’s take a look at the importance of your transmission before your big trip.

The Importance of the Transmission

You’ve probably heard people talk about car transmissions before and, like most people, have no idea what they do! The transmission in a vehicle moves your engine’s power to your wheels. Every time your car shifts – either manually or automatically – it decides where to send the power.

Most vehicles have automatic transmission. According to Mordor Intelligence, about 90% of all American vehicles do. Unfortunately, malfunctioning transmissions can leave your car stuck on the side of the road and devastate your vacation. Don’t take that risk – repair your transmission.

Common Transmission Issues

Now, we’re not saying that your transmission has anything seriously wrong with it, but if you haven’t checked it lately, how can you be sure? Unfortunately, many issues can impact your transmission including leaking seals, worn clutch, old transmission fluid, and broken sensors.

More complex issues – such as slipping gears, damaged torque converters, faulty shift solenoids, and overheating transmissions – may cost a lot of money. However, a fixed transmission can protect you from this issue. Let’s take a deeper look at this topic to find out how.

Preventative Maintenance Care

A repaired transmission is about more than just fixing problems with your transmission – it also includes preventative treatment. What exactly is preventative care? Think of it this way – it’s a regular checkup that makes sure more serious problems aren’t affecting your transmission.

For instance, a mechanic can check your clutch for signs of wear and tear, such as slipped belts, and make sure they’re managed. Fixing minor problems before they worsen should keep your transmission running smoothly. Just as importantly, it saves you money.

Have you scheduled an appointment for a repaired transmission yet? If not, we’re here for you. Our team of experts has worked on many transmissions over the years. Let us know what you need. Call Dusty’s Transmissions today and we’ll set up an appointment, inspect your vehicle, and ensure you’re ready to go! Your family deserves an amazing trip, so be sure to take the right repair steps to keep them safe.