Besides your engine, your transmission is probably the next most important part of your vehicle. Issues with this critical component can keep your vehicle parked and create big-ticket repairs. Let’s look at a few items you should keep in mind as you prioritize transmission maintenance in order to avoid these problems.

Routine Checks

To begin with, you need to establish routine checks of your transmission. Setting this task on a schedule will make it easier to manage. Don’t hesitate to connect with a quality mechanic in your area to time these services when appropriate.

Get Your Transmission Flushed

Per our experts’ recommendation, it’s necessary to get the transmission flushed once a year to ensure proper function. It may be necessary to have this part of your vehicle flushed even more often if you drive a lot or if your car tends to overheat.

Be Mindful of How You Drive

The way you drive the vehicle will also have an effect on the health of its transmission. For instance, you should never attempt to change gears while you’re driving. If you need to change gears for some reason, you must come to a complete stop first. Your car can suffer severe damage if you change gears while it’s moving.

Pay Attention to Your Transmission Filter

The transmission filter is an essential part of this system, just like the oil filter is an essential part of the engine. The filter can get clogged with debris, which quickly causes severe damage. You should have the filter changed in order to avoid costly repairs.

Full Transmission Inspection

You should plan for a full inspection annually. This needs to be conducted by a certified mechanic. During this inspection, your transmission fluid will be checked. Ensuring your fluid levels are correct and keeping up with regular maintenance will help your transmission reach 100,000 of service, according to a report from Kelly Blue Book. It might be tempting to put off this type of maintenance in hopes of saving some money, but if your transmission fails, you’ll wind up spending even more on costly repairs.

These are just a few tips on transmission maintenance. If your vehicle is in need of comprehensive transmission work, please contact Dusty’s Transmissions today. Our certified auto experts are here to keep your car in great shape!