A transmission rebuild is a complicated process that must be left to experienced professionals. Car Talk Community states that, in total, this project can take about 30 hours of labor to complete. If you are curious about what this procedure looks like, here are the three main steps a mechanic would take to rebuild your transmission.

1. Assessment

Transmissions and engines are separate but equally important systems in your vehicle. Without a fully functioning transmission, your vehicle cannot go anywhere. However, these systems require special knowledge and skills to evaluate and repair.

The transmission assessment involves using special diagnostic tools. These tools will evaluate the transmission’s condition and note any codes that come up. The technician will perform a visual inspection to diagnose the transmission problem accurately.

2. Removal

The entire transmission must be removed from the vehicle for the work to commence, which requires special equipment. The transmission is removed and again visually inspected by the technician before the work to rebuild the transmission starts.

Once the transmission is removed, it is disassembled. The entire transmission is taken apart. The components are separated and once again evaluated. This multi-check evaluation is necessary to ensure accurate repairs and rebuilding.

3. Testing and Reassembly

After each component is evaluated and cleaned, they are bench-tested to ensure they are fully functional. After that, the reassembly process requires a great deal of precision and attention to detail. Any adjustments or calibrations will be done as necessary throughout the project.

Once the transmission rebuild is complete, a safety check will be done to ensure correct torque. This type of repair is a complex process that requires a great deal of skill. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, transmission, brake, engine, and electrical repairs are some of the most common vehicle repairs. Each repair requires a specific type of mechanic, however.

A quality transmission rebuild will come with a warranty and can significantly extend the life of your vehicle. In comparison, it is much cheaper to rebuild a transmission than it is to replace the vehicle entirely. If your transmission is acting up, take it to a trusted source that provides repair services and more. Call our reliable and experienced team at Dusty’s Transmissions today to learn more!