If you own a vehicle, you understand your transmission is a vital part of keeping it running. Part of your transmission is the transmission fluid that you must maintain. Here is insight into when transmission services are needed for fluid change and why doing so matters.

Why Change It

Your transmission fluid does not have an endless lifespan. The fluid can degrade over time due to environmental contaminants, heat, and friction. The right amount of fluid is necessary for proper lubrication and cooling in your vehicle. Without this lubrication, your system can have premature wear and tear that may result in breakdowns and other issues that will cost you more money.

When you don’t have enough transmission fluid, it can cause the transmission to overheat, which can cause internal damage. It will also increase the friction between the parts due to the lack of lubrication. Has it become harder to shift gears lately? Pay attention to general delayed engagement in your vehicle, as going from park to drive or reverse can become slower. Your car may have warning lights on the dashboard to let you know your transmission fluid needs attention.

When to Change it

You know it’s time to contact transmission services for a change if you begin to notice a burnt smell or if the fluid has turned brown. Your vehicle manufacturer may also have recommendations for when you should change it. These change intervals can be as low as 30,000 miles, whereas some can go up to 100,000 miles.

How to Check Fluid Level

The first step is to find the dipstick, which is usually near the transmission. Check under the hood for it. Next, warm up the engine and leave it in park on a level surface so it won’t roll. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean, re-insert it fully, and note the markings when you pull it out. The fluid level should reach the “warm” line, but if it’s below that, you need to have professionals change it.

According to Toyota, a manual transmission is the oldest transmission type for modern vehicles. When you need transmission services for these updates, our company can help you. Contact us about local transmission repair, maintenance, seals, transmission flush services, and rebuilding today.