Is your vehicle making some funny noises, and you think it’s time to visit transmission professionals to see what’s wrong? We understand that step and think it’s a great choice if you’re struggling with this process. If you do plan on visiting someone soon, make sure that you ask them these questions to avoid any problems. Doing so can ensure that you get the support needed for your car’s safety.

1. What Damages Transmissions?

Make sure that you talk with your team about anything you might have done to damage your transmission. For example, you might have shifted too rapidly, given your car little time to cool down, or done other things that stressed the transmission. Thankfully, they can give you some tips and suggestions that should minimize potential problems and keep your vehicle strong and secure.

2. How Much Do Your Charge?

When talking to your transmission professionals about repairs or replacements, make sure you know how much they’re going to charge. Talk to them about the costs of repairing or replacing your transmission, other parts they may need, and their work-hour charge. This information can help you decide whether or not working with a team is right for your specific needs.

3. Can I Prevent Problems?

According to MotorBiscuit, General Motors Corporation employees Edward A. Deeds and Charles F. Kettering invented the first known automatic transmission to get widely employed in automobiles in 1924. Since then, transmissions have changed a lot. As a result, it’s smart to ask your team what kind of prevention steps you can take to minimize or mitigate potential transmission issues with your car.

4. Are We Repairing or Replacing My Transmission?

After your transmission experts examine your vehicle, it’s important to ask them about repair or replacement. Replacing a transmission is a costly experience and will potentially total some weaker vehicles. That said, repairing can save you from this costly replacement process, so make sure that you talk with your team to get an idea of not only the price but the length of your repairs.

Reach out to our team of transmission professionals at Dusty’s Transmissions to get the support you need through this complex and fascinating process. We’ll sit down with you, answer all your questions, and provide more support for your needs. Our team has many years of experience and feels comfortable working on many vehicles, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call today to learn more!